Enamel Pins as Wearable Art: 14 Designers to Watch

Enamel Pins as Wearable Art: 14 Designers to Watch

If you’ve delved into the adorable depths of enamel pin subculture, chances are you’ve also been struggling with that age-old internal conflict between charm and utility (What are these for? Why am I suddenly compelled to buy them all?) Luckily, you’re not alone. Our appreciation of the artful unnecessary is, after all, what makes us human.

Whether you're a longterm pin aficionado or just pin-curious, here's a roundup of enamel pin designers to whet your appetite, including designs from Boygirlparty, Heather Buchanan, Surfing Sloth, and many more.

1.) In The Lavender HazeCoffee Carafe, InTheLavenderHaze | StyleThrive

If you're a fan of all things vintage-inspired, In The Lavender Haze is an excellent first stop on the enamel design tour. Each pin tells a story, from the treasured pieces of the past to celestial wonders of the future, meticulously crafted to add a touch of magic to your collection.

2.) FinestImaginaryPink Crystal Gem Glitter Pin, FinestImaginary | StyleThrive

Finest Imaginary's Etsy shop is a wonderland of pins, patches, stationary, and jewelry. From jewelry and accessories to modern homeware. Each piece reflects a fusion of simplicity and sophistication, perfect for those who appreciate timeless design with a touch of whimsy. Elevate your style effortlessly.

3.) Nataly Kim

Mix Tape Enamel Pin, Nataly Kim | StyleThrive

Nataly Kim's designs showcase delightful shapes, colors, and characters that add charm to any collection. From whimsical animals to intricate botanical designs, her creations infuse personality into everyday items and artwork. With meticulous craftsmanship and vibrant colors, Nataly's pins are a must-have for those seeking unique accessories that spark joy and conversation.

4.) Occasionalish100% Sass Milk Carton Drink Enamel Pin - Style Thrive Blog

Occasionalish is the ultimate treasure trove of enamel pins, reworking everyday items into magical, colorful works of wearable art. From interactive pins with movable parts to detailed renderings of clever items, this is the perfect one-stop shop for all kinds of super-unique pins.

5.) Noteworthy Paper PressVintage camper enamel pin

Noteworthy Paper Press has a wide array of goods, including beautifully designed cards, stickers, and prints, shirts, and (of course) pins! With meticulous attention to detail and premium quality materials, this shop draws inspiration from illustration-style renderings of nature and the iconography of travel.

6.) Heather BuchananOh Hai All-Seeing Eye Pin, Heather Buchanan | StyleThrive

Heather Buchanan's designs include illustration prints, art, enamel pins, and more. From pop culture homages to creative and punchy pin designs, this shop is a veritable visual wonderland, made unique by the artist's mix of pop culture, high art, and wearable trends.

7.) Wildship

Monstera Enamel Pin

Wildship's dedication to rendering the natural world in beautiful, tiny detail is truly a sight to behold. From flora to fauna, this elegant shop spans the categories of stationary, illustration prints, and wearable pieces. 

8.) Wildflower and CompanyRoller Skate Enamel Pins

Infused with retro-nostalgia, fun colors, and playful details, this enamel pin shop is definitely worth the scroll. From old school relics to witchy and nature-inspired designs, there's a little something for everyone in the Wildflower and Company storefront.

9.) Surfing SlothSurfing Sloth

The distinct characters in the Surfing Sloth universe are hard not to love. Brought to life by a distinct illustrator style, each work of art from this shop is infused with personality. The dreamy aura of these items translate across multiple mediums, including cards, prints, and wearables.

10.) Boygirlparty

Boygirlparty enamel pin

Boygirlparty is full of fun, cartoonish characters based on your favorite real-life critters. These cute kawaii-adjacent creations designed from the artwork of San Diego artists Susie Ghahremani are an excellent way to wear your favorite creative works.

12.) Eveen StudiosEveen Studios

Filled with magical-realist renderings of nature, the Eveen Studios shop is the perfect place for art lovers with a thirst for mystical creatures. Ranging from celestial and otherworldly to realistic charm designs, these pins definitely dwell in the realm of the hidden forest.

13.) ilikeCATSshopBFF Cats, ILikeCatsShop | StyleThrive

The ilikeCATSshop name says it all: if you love all things feline, then these designs are for you. Ranging from wacky cartoonish renderings of your cat friends to more ethereal and magical designs, this shop offers a number of different types of products as well as fun collection of pins.

14.) Frost Dragon Designs


Scientist Cat Enamel PinFrost Dragon Designs has adopted the character-style model of creation, delivering a number of different versions of their black cat character. From fantasy-style warriors to STEM hero scientists, this detailed collection of characters tells a story in every design. 
Discover the boundless creativity and distinctive styles of these talented enamel pin artists. These wearable art pieces add a delightful touch to any outfit, making them a fun gift for yourself or someone you love. Adorn your favorite button-down, jean jacket, or even an old tote bag—because life's too short: get the pin.
Note: This post contains affiliate links, but all products are hand-selected by me.
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