Handmade Halloween Roundup: Unique Spooky Trends for 2023

Handmade Halloween Roundup: Unique Spooky Trends for 2023

Welcome to the world of unique, handcrafted Halloween! In this curated collection, artistry and craftsmanship take center stage in the Halloween decor trends of 2023. From eerie luminaries to creepy ceramics and bespoke costumes, discover the magic of handmade Halloween with this year's spookiest seasonal trends...

1. Halloween Haunted House Luminaries

Halloween Haunted Village Luminary Trio - Etsy

Mini landscapes are the perfect way to add some seasonal magic to your tabletops and shelves, and luminaries lend a little warm light to the early gloom of fall. The Modern Halloween Village Luminary Trio by Belgian Paperworks is a expertly crafted for ultimate spooky miniature vibes, and there are plenty of other options in their storefront as well.

Halloween spooky church tea light luminarie

The Halloween spooky church luminary from Skywind studios is another excellent choice, and easily fits a battery-operated LED tea light for the spooky flickering light effect. You can, of course, also make your own luminaries with cardboard or card stock if you're looking for a budget option! (For safety purposes, make sure to only use battery operated tea lights.) 

2. Spooky Macrame Wall Hangings

Macrame Bat Hangings

We've all seen the many iterations of that same old macrame plant hangers, but you may not have seen spooky macrame hangings. This Gothic Bat Macrame Hanging from Bean Daikon is possibly the most clever macrame design to ever grace the crafty world. If your usual decor is a little witchy, these may also work well as year-round wall decor.

Halloween Ghost Macrame Wall Hanging

In another act of macrame innovation, this spooky Halloween ghost macrame wall hanging by Embolden Life offers a simple, unique take on your seasonal decor. As a fresh use of the macrame format, the simple genius of this fiber ghostie makes a fun addition to your Halloween collection.

3. Stitched & Quilted Halloween Decor

For those who are truly about the spooky life, this Spooky Kittens throw quilt by Monday Morning Designs is everything. Lovingly handmade and expertly crafted for maximum style impact and warmth, this may be one of my favorite quilts. And why limit your love of black cats to just one season? This functional piece of art can become part of your usual blanket rotation.

Quilted ghost decor Halloween

Be still my upcycle-loving heart, these Halloween quilt ghosts by Emmaley and Me are sustainable and spooky-sweet. The texture of the upcyled vintage textiles and rustic country design are a tasteful, cozy take on the usual spooks. These are hanging styles, but you may also be able to request a pillow-style version without the hanging string for multiple styling options.

Halloween Cat Doll

The Halloween Cat Doll by fiddle hill is handmade in Vermont and full of playful handcrafted details. It's perfect for gifting to the young people in your life or using as an heirloom seasonal shelf decor item. The different textures, stitches, and fabrics make this such a gorgeous piece of Halloween art.

5. Halloween for the Pets!

Wool fely eye ball cat toy

Why should humans have all the fun? These handmade Wool felt eyeball cat toys by Wool Jamboree are the perfect way to include your furry friend in the spooky festivities. I also love the fun potential to spook your visitors with this one.

Haunted mansion cat house

The Haunted mansion cat house by Made for Pets is an adorable way to delight your spooky little friend this season. Every handcrafted detail from the felt shingles to the laced window boxes and balcony make this a instant favorite for pets and humans alike.

Pumpkin Custom Personalized Pet Bed

The handmade Pumpkin pet bed by Pink Made is one of the cutest fall-themed pet beds money can buy. The craftsmanship and design elements are equal parts tasteful and functionally cozy, making this a super cute addition to your pet's lifestyle. It's also customizable with your pet's name!

6. Creepy Ceramics

Handmade Cauldron Mug

The Cauldron mug from Worried Bones is the perfect handmade addition to your spooky mug collection! Made with heavy duty ceramic and a dreamy blue interior glaze, this mug will make every beverage (AKA survival potion) feel extra magical.

Tarot Mug Milky Way 2023 Fall Collection

The Tarot mug collection from Mollie Moon Ceramics is a touch spooky, a touch whimsical, and totally gorgeous. These make excellent gifts for the tarot lovers in your life and are the perfect otherworldly look for your fall beverage.

Crooked Curiosities Eyeball Mug

The Eyeball mug from Crooked Curiosities has long been one of my favorite mug designs (and ceramicist Kristen Buck is local to the the Philadelphia area). I've seen these available in-person at the Philadelphia Museum of Art gift shop and they are truly a work of art. They sell out regularly, so if you're having trouble getting your hands on one, the rest of the Crooked Curiosities storefront is filled with equally lovable ceramics with a creepy essence.

7. Handmade Halloween Costumes!

Barn Owl Masks

It wouldn't be Halloween without costumes, so I had to include some of my favorite handmade Halloween costumes. The Barn owl mask from Crooked Crow masks is delightfully spooky: something about a a human-sized owl is strangely horrifying! This artfully made mask comes in a set of two, so you and your bestie can freak people out all over town.

Mother Earth Costume Wig

The Mother Earth costume wig from the Purple Pumpkin shop is an incredible example of handmade costume artistry. The unique texture of braided yarn and foliage creates a striking and fun look that works will with all kinds of nature-centric and whimsical fantasy costumes.

Axolotl Costume for kidsThe handmade Axolotl Costume for kids by Wildwood Costume co. is the perfect way for kids to celebrate their favorite amphibian. I'm frankly a little bit jealous that there aren't any adult sizes for this style, so you'll have to live vicariously through your costumed little one. Check out the rest of the Wildwood Costume Co. storefront to see other adorable handmade critter costumes.

Hopefully this Halloween roundup has unearthed a treasure trove of unique handcrafted delights to inspire and elevate your spooky season. From eerie luminaries casting an creepy glow to macrame with a dark twist, the spirit of Halloween comes alive in every detail of these "gore"-geous makes. Treat yourself to bewitching ceramics and captivating costumes that add an artisanal touch to your ghoulish celebrations. Whether you're shopping for goodies or getting DIY inspo, I hope you embrace the transformative magic of handmade Halloween!


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